Sponsoring McLeod for Tomorrow



McLeod for Tomorrow is able to provide our events and leadership program through sponsorship connections around the county. Without the help of these individuals and businesses, we would be unable to participate in our communities as much as we hope to, bringing communication, education, and networking to everyone living or working in McLeod County.

In previous years, MFT has sought event-specific sponsorship from McLeod County communities and businesses. However, we are now promoting our annual sponsorship program, which allocates the donated amount to all of our events and leadership program, thereby supporting McLeod for Tomorrow as a whole.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, donations to McLeod for Tomorrow are tax deductible. Additionally, sponsoring organizations are listed on posters and various advertisements for each event and the leadership program. This equates to multiple promotion opportunities for the sponsoring entity, and the essential support to make each MFT activity the best benefit it can be to our county and participants.

If you or your business has an interest in joining forces with us to support community outreach, please contact us.